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Magnetic Image provides Digital Publishing for Film, Internet, Print, and other digital and traditional platforms. In business since 1997 we have been supporting various creative works of art, and entertainment productions. Current Projects include Dramatic Planet, Boca Art, The Christmas Pirate ®, Beyond My Dream, and more. Originally focused on traditional media such as print and broadcast we have worked with high-end publishing industry standards as digital marketing migrated to interactive CD/DVD/Blue-ray, Online, and Mobile media.
We are dedicated to providing content with excellence and to meet each project equally with our passion for the visual arts.
Our latest published children’s book “The Christmas Pirate”® is quickly becoming a holiday classic, and a favorite of teachers K-5th grades. With so much positive response “The Christmas Pirate”® is currently in production as an animated film, TV show, and now a theatrical play.

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Transforming creative ideas

Digital is visual art with a message

It begins with a creative idea then transforms into reality - images, sounds, video, and animation.


The Christmas Pirate
El Morro
Electric Supply
Animated Logos


"The Christmas Pirate"
"Into the Fourth Dimension"
"Building Teams of Managers"
"Girl in the Green Bathing Suite"


A child's life
Bill Banks
The Christmas Pirate

Updates on recent work

If you have a creative idea we have the ability to bring it life

“The Christmas Pirate” is about a young boy who dreams of being the captain of his own ship. Once he is older, he embarks upon a journey to chase his dream. Through certain twists of fate, he is given the name, “The Christmas Pirate”. We assure you, he is a good pirate. Appropriate reading for children of all ages.
Inside pages are easy to read, filled with Black and White images of the Carribean enhancing the imagination of readers young and old.

Magnetic Image, Inc. started working in the CGI field back in 1997 providing dynamic animations and images for various marketing and entertainment projects. Some of our first work was used in the Detroit International Automotive Show. Clients have been GM, Ford, Chrysler, and many others.

Sound is the foundation of energy in the arts. Our current project is named "Breathe Energy Breathe" which encompasses scores for a new album release. The genre of this work is focused on Ambient sound and segments have been used on animated openings for company logos.

Setting the steps to place your ideas into motion.

Understanding the digital landscape is what we do best ~ strategy with style.

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